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computer training lab kansas city k.c.

6811 Shawnee Mission Pkwy - Suite 309

Overland Park, KS 66202

Phone: 913-438-3400

Fax: 913-432-3572

Building #1 in the Cloverleaf Office Park

Welcome to Sirius Computer Systems, Inc.

Our Mission

To enable companies to increase employee productivity by providing a state-of-the-art  computer training facility.

Company Profile

          Originally incorporated in 1995 as MicroEndeavors of Kansas City, Inc., we began by providing developer training in Microsoft FoxPro. Under the name Sirius Computer Systems, Inc., we facilitate training of all kinds. We serve as the Kansas City training site for many national companies.


 MicroTek Business Education Facilities and Services

We are proud to be a MicroTek Alliance Partner


If you are an instructor who needs a classroom, a company that has specialized software training requirements, a software manufacturer, or anyone who has need of a computer laboratory, we have the solution for you!


What's with the name "Sirius" ?

          Sirius is the name of the principal star in the constellation Canis Major, the Big Dog. It's also the brightest star in the heavens. Our founder, Carolyn Patterson, is a dog lover who shows her Grand Champion White Bull Terrier "Winnie."  We like to consider ourselves the "Big Dog" and definitely believe that we are the "brightest star" when it comes to providing a quality learning environment. Incidentally, if you want to see Sirius for yourself, look up at the night sky towards the south. If you know the constellation "Orion the Hunter,"  locate his belt with dangling sword. Follow along his beltline off towards the left and you'll see a very bright star-- that's  Sirius.

Contact Information

Telephone:             913.438.3400
FAX:                          913/432.3572                                                                                              
Cellular:                  913.940.2161 
Postal address:    6811 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Suite 309, Overland Park, KS 66202

Electronic mail:   carolyn@siriusinc.com

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Last modified: November 8, 2006